BLACK SUITS TO BOWTIES – A Look at Aristocrats Bows n Ties

By: Shona Cruz

The Global Gent

The nature of menswear as an industry is hardly fickle. This is an industry catering to the gentleman shopper who not only understands style and image in a way that his counterparts of 15 years ago would never appreciate but this gent more importantly better understands HIMSELF than ever before.

I have written in the past about the Global Gent and the trend towards fashion and self-expression, but is it a fad? I don’t think so… I do believe that this is a full on culture shift and anyone not rising with this tide will not only find himself desperately frustrated, terribly irrelevant… or both.

The popularity of men’s accessories is growing and becoming part of the expectation in personal care and appearance. So naturally, there has to be an even faster growing supply for this steadily growing demand. Enter the handy dandy online men’s accessory boutique. Every gent, depending on his budget will inevitably invest in new suiting but the real fun is in the details!

Aristocrat Black Silk Bow Tie

Online boutiques like Aristocrats Bows n Ties, based in Toronto, Canada are not only extremely relevant but they are quickly becoming a mainstay of the menswear shopping experience; and here’s why:

A gentleman may only have his classic white shirts and 3 basic suits hanging in the closet (navy, grey and black) and yet by weaving in a few accessories like a splashes of colour through his silk tie or a bit of personality through a patterned pocket square (or round), he can create multiple different looks instantly that will give him fresh modern looks for an entire season.

Investing in a great selection of accessories not only looks great but is very cost effective. Aristocrats Bows n Ties sells all their men’s accessories for UNDER $25 CAD. At that price a gentleman shopper just extended his wardrobe by weeks just by adding a few accessory essentials and a couple hundred dollars!

Aristocrats Bows n Ties are one of my favourite places to pick up reasonably priced and uniquely styled pieces for my gentleman clients. They are dedicated to providing tasteful neckwear and pockets squares at an affordable price. They are passionate about providing customers with an opportunity to be themselves and invite them to find their own style.

It doesn’t end there, this company has taken the next step to smart business savvy and provided a Loyalty Program to give back to their customers for shopping with them. Customers earn points for every dollar spent then simply redeem the points for future purchases. Need any more incentive to hop online and dive in to the world of menswear… and you know it will always fit!

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3….2….1… BEARD OFF!

Beards that make women TICK!

Hairy men and anything even associated with overly excessive hair had been a taboo for way to long. Strong Hairy men in the seventies were celebrated and was the intended ideal man for most woman. It has been introduced with a warm welcome in the recent months with so much love. In our beautiful, cultural, and populated city of Toronto what have we noticed? BEARDS! LOTS AND LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL AND LUSCIOUS BEARDS. There are 5 hairy beauties that have been the rising stars of the beard industry. We all know every woman has a little something for that “bad boy” and what beard is our best fit for that image? The full beard.


It immediately grabs the attention of the ‘peasants’ that dare cross paths with you. Providing a beastly aura of strength, confidence, and mystery to your appearance. It can be increasing challenging for a stubborn woman (which are most of us) and will keep her on her toes. A masculine Viking bushy style is definitely  the perfect kick off for a mesmerizing and powerful bearded entrance to the new year.

beard - uneven
Chris John Millington


Our rising shaggy star this season has been the UNEVEN BEARD, most often seen with the equally as popular UNDERCUT hairstyle. A beard flowing with your common daily hair looks is always a blessing. Give yourself a nice fade where your side burns join with your beard, allowing your beard to emerge at its most clean cut  and well groomed presentation. Added definition to your face resulting in the mysterious look most women have become slaves to.

beard - tats

Billy Huxley


Our black beauties have a hairy advantage with beards as well. With the divine gift of small and tight curls giving that look of a complete and full beard and envious volume is easy to accomplish. The wide variety of options to choose from gives them plenty of room for creativity with hairstyles. BONUS!


Rick Ross


The first class beard that makes every woman’s knees buckle at just the sight of it. It brings confidence, a regal atmosphere, and pure sex. THE SHORT BEARD, it’s short, it’s clean, easy to maintain, and of course mysterious. With this look you immediately label yourself as the ‘BIG KAHUNNA’ yet it is still perfect for any situation that requires you to play the role of a certified businessman.


David Gandy


If you’re the type that likes to stand out and be noticed without a second glance, try adding colour to your eclectic bearded personality. Be mindful of not using permanent dye otherwise you might have to settle with a two toned look in your near and unfortunate hairy future. What is great about this unshaven flair is that it gives you free reign with colour that can work with your general style. Bring a new meaning to the ‘BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’.


Written by:

Featured Blogger:  Simone Lewis of Style Method

“A blogger who promotes personal creativity within others and encourage them to communicate their personal style method to the world.”  

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