Long Hair Don’t Care? 

So it’s the trend of the year it seems: the bearded man. Coincidentally it’s also the accessory of the season for ladies: a bearded man…

Grow them if you will but all I ask is that if you decide to grow a Gentleman’s beard (any kind of facial hair really) dare I ask that you maintain that bad boy with the right essentials.

bearded gent


The Castaway look done right can be very Sexy-SoCal; Hoeever, done wrong will only leave you with your volleyball to keep you company!

Gentlemen: So how do you suggest we maintain the look so dudes envy it and girls dig it?

Simple. The Barbers Brew Grooming Company. 

The Barbers Brew

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Not only is everything made by hand with no preservatives in Toronto, Canada but my friends at ‘the brew are full of passion and excitement for what they create. I don’t know about you but given the choice imma go with the company run by passionate, serving-minded entrepreneurs because I know I’m guaranteed an authentic experience!

With 3 awesome fragrances made with essential oils (mmmm delicious) my hubby was the bearded guinea pig who gets to try this stuff out!

[I will preface by stating that his skin although beautiful (whatever, I’m biased!) like many men, can get quite problematic when shaving due to a very coarse and full hair growth.]


So if you are a Modern Man sans el beardo the cool thing about The Barbers Brew beard oil is that it’s a great way to keep it soft, shiney and most importantly smelling terrific!

On the converse, of you have love for the beard but are admiring from a distance, not sure if you can pull it off, the comfort factor or for uneven hair-growth reasons, you choose not too … GOOD NEWS: you can still enjoy the beard oils. It’s a preshave as well as a conditioning beard oil.

[see the post beard pic below]

Pre Shave OIl

Use as a pre-shave OR beard oil for max value

  • No red bumps
  • Prevents tugging while shaving
  • Leaves skin so soft
  • Smells manly and fresh

All is to say, check out my friends over at The Barbers Brew and treat yourself!

You can enjoy a sample bottle of The Barbers Brew inside The StylePak™ when you order a Premium or VIP ‘Pak



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