The Gentlemen’s Checklist

The Gentleman’s Checklist is not only a guide to the essentials for the dapper lifestyle, but rules to live by because being a gentleman is a choice that never goes out of style.” 


  1. CONFIDENCE ….is key!

Without that, little of what you say or do will be as effective as you would like it to be. Know your worth and what you can offer and you’ll be amazed at what gets attracted to your new emanating energy! Dig deep and find the elements that make you authentically you and own it.


Gentlemen, a healthy dose of both these qualities will let people know you look good, feel good and will inevitable attract people to you. So before you second guess yourself, give yourself the pep talk you need to push those shoulders back and walk like you own the place. Remember, what you convey through body language is communicated 93% stronger than verbal communication so make sure you’re sending the right message.


This is not just a dying art form, it’s a must! Whether you’re walking that elderly lady across the street or holding the door open for a mom with a stroller, like it or not, your manners are saying more about you then you realize. The mark of a true gentleman can always be seen in the way he treats those around him.


Because good old romance ain’t dead yet. To those gents clever enough to truly understand the locks this magical key will open, kudos. For the rest of you … google it ASAP!


So she can sense your presence before she even lays eyes on you and stay on her mind long after that kiss good night. Did you know that fragrances smell different on every person? Everyone has a different body chemistry and because of that every scent will translate differently on your skin than the next guy. When purchasing a signature scent keep 2 things in mind: i) what you WANT to smell like and ii) what the fragrance smells like on you after a few hours. You will want to test out a few and DON’T buy the same day – make sure you still like it after the top notes have faded. A gentlemen’s signature scent will not only make an impression, it’s your lasting impression… so make sure it’s a good one.


A gentleman is only as smooth as the wines that he enjoys. Know your basics, this doesn’t mean you need to be a connoisseur but know the difference between a Merlot and a Malbec. Taste a few and determine what your favorites are then find out what year they had the best grapes! You will be dripping of sophistication and elegance as you impress the socks (and maybe more) off your dinner date.


The Gentlemen’s Wardrobe Essential’s Checklist (a more in depth look, in an upcoming article) requires you to be presentable and appropriate for any and all occasions life brings your way. This means you will need in your wardrobe, at minimum, i) a perfectly fit black suit for the unexpected funeral or formal affair ii)  navy suit for daytime functions and less formal occasions iii)  grey suit, to alternate with the navy suit for daytime, less formal occasions as well as the spring/summer months. These three suits will provide you the foundation for a suiting selection for looking dapper and sophisticated no matter the occasion.


Not an option if you do not get your suits custom made. Although I always recommend a made to measure or bespoke suit (which one is dependent on budget) given the option, if you must purchase off the rack, alterations are not something you want to take a chance with. You want people to notice YOU in the suit, not the suit you are in and a great tailor will ensure you get noticed for looking sharp.


Because clothes don’t make the man, his accessories do. Ok so this is obviously arguable, however, a well accessorized gentleman is seen as paying attention to the fine details. So make a point of investing in that great watch, that sexy bracelet and classic sunglasses you’ve been debating; it all adds to the image and look of sophistication and class. It’s all in the details.


What are you passionate about? Job? Car? Sports? Fashion? Family? Don’t be afraid to show off those things that hold a key to your heart – that’s what makes you human and real and nothing is more appealing than a gent who’s not afraid of his emotional side. On the other hand, it also shows that you are multi-dimensional and have hobbies and interests. Whether you are looking to impress that special someone or putting your best self forward with the bosses, showing your human side makes you seem balanced in life and in control of what you want.


The Grungy Gentleman.

The Grungy Gentleman. The name itself tells you this is not your typical clothing site. On the contrary, it turns convention on its head. The site itself is set up multimedia style, offering all things modern and unique from the categories you would expect from a lifestyle site. From articles on the latest designer runway show to a 101 on Scotch recipes to tickle any set of taste buds.

It’s hard enough trying to find and stay on top of trends and fashion let alone what’s happening with housing, gadgets, food, restaurants etc. and the list goes on. It’s simply exhausting! Here is a source that give a one-stop-shop feel with luxury. As I walk through the site I am taken on an exciting sensory ride – Grungy TV grabs my attention and I’m hooked! Looking through the video library I’m suddenly made aware that this is more than just your typical hip hop website with a few dashes of designer duds and lifestyle sprinkled throughout. Its chic, its hip hop, its style, its unconventional.

Grungy TV

What swayed my opinion the most was the riveting interview with Bill Russell, Boston Celtics legend. The interview was conducted by Bill Simmons and was not only informative and easy to follow for someone like myself, whose knowledge of all things basketball is relatively limited. I found it entertaining and informative learning about the biography. It gave me the feeling that this was not just a style site, it truly was a lifestyle site, offering something meaty that loyal followers of the brand could engage with.


We’ve all wondered about the life of the rich and famous; what they eat and drink, wondering if we will ever reach a point like that in our lives where we would live so indulgently; but have you ever wondered what the trendy eat? Well look no further. The food and travel section of this site takes you on a gastro-fantasy ride of what’s hot in various cities across the country. I think my favourite had to me the lobster mac & cheese and it doesn’t end there.

So you’re a Grungy Gentleman, and you’re in the mood to switch up your game in the cocktail department but dread the thought of leaving it to the bartender at your local hot spot is worse. Well clearly the Grungy Gent looks no further than the handy Food+Travel section where he finds an write up or two on the latest vintage whatever for the modern man. Problem solved, bottoms up.

Blurbs on trendy hot spots from Miami to NYC are of course sprinkled throughout the section to inspire you to dream big and live the lavish lifestyle seen in these glossy images. There is no lack of content here, it’s loaded with article after article of choice words spoken true of the lifestyle of the maybe-not-so-rich and trendy.

 ~Authenticity is key to true style ~

Gadgets and Tech

I have to say the Grungy Gentleman site has enough and more content for the gent who is looking to stay in the loop with all things current and interesting. However, like the sports section of the site I automatically assume this section would hold nothing really of interest for me being that I’m a fashion girl! What would content on gadgets and technology have to keep me interested? I eat my words happily… first off I scan through the page looking for anything that may catch my eye, maybe a hot buzz word or even a colour scheme to make my darting eyes stop. Lo and behold my eyes didn’t go far before they landed on the modelling icon Naomi Campbell posing with the latest Beats by Dre earphones, YES! A great behind the scenes video of the making of the commercial and photo shoot was the cherry on that sundae article. #somethingforeveryone


So I feel like I probably should have mentioned the Bill Russell thing here, but trust me when I say that if I was a Grungy Gent sports fan looking for the latest in whatever sport, I would find no lack of information to satisfy my sport-centric needs.


Now here is a section I could sink my teeth in to. The diversity of write ups on this site was incredible. I got to read everything from art gallery events to the hottest concerts and festivals. Don’t be fooled, this section has its fair share of fashion and celebrity entertainment, but its just not the same jive you’ve read a hundred times on entertainment sites and TV shows already this week. These article ar as interesting as they are conversation starters that will keep you seeming in the loop and knowledgeable all at the same time.


So when it comes to style and fashion, at first glance, the site looks as though it will be skewed in towards the hip hop side of things and unless your personal style calls for such, you won’t find much here. You would be remissed to not view the collection of content in this section of the site with all its exposure for the not so popular, casual and even something for the suits! Once again they hit the nail on the head with the plethora of style options for men of all styles.

Men looking to keep their finger on the pulse of luxury lifestyle by design, look no further. Whether you live this lifestyle already or it’s something you aspire to Grungy Gentleman is sure to impress and suck you in to their world.

… and we’re back… totally Naked & Famous!


I have been on hiatus, as I call it , but now I am back and more about my adventures in the NEXT blog post ~

for now, let’s get NAKED…


selling it … wearing it … managing it … buying it …feeling it … teaching it … understanding it … loving it …

… as a stylist, you name it and I did it with denim}

Its one of those wardrobe staples that never, ever go away…

“Jeans…have become not only the backbone but spinal cord, rib cage and for some, the whole skeleton of a woman’s wardrobe…”  –

~Victoria Beckham, denim designer 



I want to highlight a brand which not only has a strong cult following but a very distinctive look and mantra Naked & Famous 


This brand has not only succeeds in creating a product that is different and unique but its MADE IN CANADA!


The way I see it, there is so much made off shore these days and a major misconception which has forced us to believe that items (especially clothing) needs to be insanely over priced if its made domestically. Well, this brand definitely goes against that general assumption by producing a number of options under $200!


The conviction and passion of  founder Brandon Svarc, is totally infectious and intriguing… if you’re on the market for raw denim classic, check out this brand, you might just fall in love ❤   AND after watching this video I think any denim enthusiast would agree that it will inspire you to Get Your Denim On!!


Own it. Love it. Live it. Rock it.


Fashionably Yours,

Shona xx



Men’s Shoes Under $200 CAD

Don’t worry boys I have not forgot about you this season! Summer is finally here which means a lot of parties. Men have it pretty easy when it comes to getting ready for events, but sometimes their price tags are a little higher. Men just like women also love to have a variety of shoes!!

Here are a few hot trends I have found for under $200 CAD.

Photo by Townshoes

Kenneth Cole Dress Shoes available at TownShoes for $109.00 CAD

There is nothing classier than a nice pair of dress shoes. These Kenneth Cole’s are the perfect shoe to wear to work and to the patio for some drinks! The metal hardware really gives the room to play with the look you are wearing.

Photo by Getouside

New Balance available at GetOutside $99 CAD

I am in love with the sports wear trend happening right now! New balance has really stepped up their game this season, and I have fallen in love with these specific ones. They can really be transitional to day to night. which I think is most important for men when shoe shopping.


Photo by Aldoshoes

Jerel Available at Aldoshoes $54.98 CAD

Another huge trend I am a fan of is the 90’s slipper look. Not only do these look like the most comfortable shoe ever! But the leather cut out detail makes these bad boys look like a pricey item.

Photo by Davids

Sperry Shoes available at David’s $155.00 CAD

The Sperry’s realistically I do not think this shoe is EVER going to go out of style. What I love most about this shoe is that it literally can go with almost every outfit and occasion. There is something expensive about the Sperry boat shoe that I love. That is if you keep them in good condition of course!

Men’s accessories coming next! Stay tuned!





Written By:

Katrina Lainsbury, Featured blogger for SHOP WITH SHONA

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Our Fave Summer Accessories!

Party season is coming up whether it is a wedding, baby shower, birthdays, or anniversary. Tis the season to get all dolled up, and what other way to do it than with some amazing accessories. Statement pieces is the number a MUST have for this summer!! I am loving the pastel trend, and the mix & match shapes. Here is a look at a few of our fave summer accessories!


Photo from

Okay is this not the PERFECT! necklace to wear with a simple white dress. The colour is actually to die for it is so girly and sweet. This is perfect for that baby shower you are going too this summer!

Available at $30 CAD


Photo from

Let’s just talk about the price first… $15 CAD? You can wear these to brunch in the afternoon, and transform them to a dancing outfit.  They are a very classic set of stone, but the colours is what makes theses earrings so fun. Don’t forget the price!

Available at $15 CAD 


Photo from

 Oy! Denim and pastel jewels together? This is kind of perfect for any occasion. With the jean detailing you honestly can wear this with ANYTHING! Dress up or down all around does not matter.   Even the mix and match colours! This is a MUST HAVE this summer for sure!

 Available at $50.81 CAD


Photo from

Enough about us… what about our iPhone? I mean at this point they are pretty much our best friends. I love finding new designers I cam across thru instagram. Let me tell you I fell in love! Obviously with everything, but this iPhone case really caught my eye. It is really on trend with the pastel colours,  and the shapes. This is a MUST HAVE for sure!

Available at $40 US


Head pieces have been a huge trend in the last couple of years. Trinkets and Treats makes the most FAB blinged out head pieces I have seen yet!


This is the perfect summer accessory! As well as a huge trend for festivals and wedding parties.


Every piece is hand crafted and can be customized for any special occasion. I think these are the perfect accessories for a wedding as a bride or a brides maid! Prices range from $39.99 to $69.99 CAD for custom pieces.  For orders:

Come back next week for must have BAGS BAGS BAGS!

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Katrina Lainsbury, Featured blogger for SHOP WITH SHONA

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Summer Fun!

Finding the perfect dress can always be kind of tough! Here are our top three choices for every occasion this summer!


Photo from Jean Machine

Finally summer is on its way in Toronto, and this is the perfect dress to transform from work to those patio drinks. With the bold stripes, and lace this dress is bang on for trends this summer!

Available at Jean Machine $49 CAD

imageService (2)

Photo from

I feel in love with this maxi dress! With the bold colours while still being very feminine. This is the perfect dress for vacation! This has Europe all over it! While still staying on trend with stripes you can’t go wrong with this one!

Available at for $102.34 CAD


Photo from Danier Leather

Leather truly is not going out of style anytime soon. Especially that retailers such as Danier Leather are really starting to step it up. The bold blue is a huge colour in general for 2014. You truly can wear it any season just to had a punch of fun. The bit of leather on top, and the a- lined skirt. This is the dress you want to wear on your first date!

Available at Danier Leather for $99 CAD also available in red

Check back soon! Summer Accessories and Bags are coming next 🙂

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Katrina Lainsbury, Featured blogger for SHOP WITH SHONA

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Luxurious. Luxe. Chic. Whimsical.



The beauty of the seasons isn’t just for nature! 

 Get inspired. 

Think SEASONAL CHIC  and let your Fashionista out to play – in the snow! 

There is an unstated fear when it comes to winter white  – it begs the questions:


HOW do I wear it?

CAN I wear it?

WHEN do I wear it?


The answers are simple and they come down to shape, fabric and balance.


The weight of the fabric makes it “wintery”  – look for cable knits, cashmere, merino wools, and remember: natural fibers when possible,so your skin stays warm but able to breathe!  


Shop for your shape. Always keep your best assets in the fore front 


Its the golden rule of style – keep it balanced. Volume on top means slim silhouettes on the bottom. Chunky sweater dresses and knitted scarves with sweaters add volume so balance it out with skinny jeans, leather leggings or maybe a short whimsy skirt with hose. 


To really get that luxurious look, keep things monochromatic – no bright pops of colour here – use accessories to help you layer: a great example are statement necklaces to add some sparkle or a chunky fashion scarf to add texture and fullness!!


Most importantly, have fun with your outfits! Just because it’s dreary and cold outside doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. 



For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style. 

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Health is Wealth

Ask yourself…
Have you ever wished you could enjoy the luxurious health benefits of a wellness brand that’s actually good for you in more ways than one? Would you like to find a lifestyle brand that could be that one stop shop experience for you and your family? Wouldn’t you enjoy the trusted benefits of a pure, safe and beneficial wellness line??
Ask and you shall receive; health, wealth and the assurance of purity. This holiday season reset your health goals for the new year. Recalibrate your lifestyle measures and try something new that you will fall in love with. 
Experience the difference. Experience the lifestyle. Experience Arbonne.
This holiday season, Shop With Shona is partnering with Arbonne International to present: A Holiday Fitness, Fashion and Beauty Blitz! 
For details and to RSVP, email: 
For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style. 
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Shop Your Closet

We all know that one girl that looks so effortlessly chic, so put together and stylish – it inspires you but for a moment… and then reality sets in that your closet doesnt exactly inspire you.

Now you’ve got a closet full of clothes, with nothing to wear. You are left asking yourself how this is possible?! We’ve all been there, am I right?! 


You need to feel that excitement again…inspired by your wardrobe…to use fashion and your personal style as a vehicle to express your mood, your lifestyle, your individuality! 


This holiday season, why not use a style expert to do a closet organization for you? You could start by shopping right in your own closet! The inspirations you need may be right at your fingertips… you might just need a hand in creating some wardrobe creativity. A closet organization service might even be a good gift idea for family members, spouse, or friends. 

If you want to create your dream closet and wardrobe contact me at 647 268 5353 or email me at  

Aspire to inspire yourself and others with your signature style this holiday season.


Fashionably yours,




The little black dress


The little black dress, also infamously known as the LBD. It is without a doubt a staple piece in your closet and most definitely one of the top 10 wardrobe essentials in any woman’s collection.

So why black you may ask?? It’s not for any other reason than that black is chic, timeless and sexy. Done in a high quality fabric, (or not). The reason I say that, and it’s not that any of us want to purchase a low quality item but sometimes you just can’t justify the price tag for the silk or cashmere.

“If your budget does not allow for all high quality pieces, scrimp on the darks. Workmanship is much more noticeable on light coloured fabrics; inexpensive light coloured pieces will always look cheaper than inexpensive dark ones” – INSTYLE, Secrets of Style  
The single most important feature when buying your LBD is the fit – do not compromise – if you have fallen head over heels for a LBD and it’s just not quite there – enlist the help of a good tailor.
A good tailor can:
Adjust hemlines,
Remove sleeves,
Adjust armholes,
Alter the neckline,
Remove pleats…
Obviously these alterations come at a cost so avoiding them is best but a nip or tuck for the perfect fit can be priceless!
Different ways to wear your LBD
– pearls, diamonds, gold, silver… whatever your choice of sparkle is, keep it minimal and sophistcated
– pumps
– your most classic favourite watch
– ankle booties
– oversized jewellery
– metalic deatails on your clutch
– leather jacket for a hint of rocker sexy
– armful of bangles
– blazer
– stud earrings
– full length boots or pumps depending on the waether
– opaque hose
– depending on the neckline, if it is a sheath style dress, a crisp white collared shirt underneath is always very profesional and clean even sans blazer
– add colour
– pashmina, silk scarf, fur wrap
– coloured platform pumps or strappy and sexy heels
– trendy fun bangles earrings OR statement necklace and a cocktail ring!

 Be creative, there’s no knowing where your LBD might take you. It is simple to take this outfit from day to night just by swapping out the jewellery and outerwear selection. Remember, the most important aspect of fashion is that there are no limits. You are the one that will define that LBD, so make yourself proud and rock it out!

For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style