Professional Wardrobe Planning: ROI

Your clothing says a lot about who you are to others. You’re a professional.

You’re confident in your abilities, but if your suit doesn’t fit you properly, it can send the message that you don’t pay attention to the details. #perception

cohen in office large shot

Think about it:

That guy… (we all know that guy ) strolls in with posture and walks with confidence. He’s got what the kids call… SWAG. Yes, clearly he dresses for success, and while I agree looks aren’t everything, perception can be. Are you willing to take that risk?

For most of people, it’s easier said than done to simply see trends/styles on the streets of the Financial District or in the office, then try to transalte the same look into their own wardrobe, body and budget.  Most haven’t cultivated personal style sensibilities enough to single handedly create the look alone; herein lies the frustration! SO where to begin?

Every man is different, so to should his apparel be.

Sure, any man could go to a store and pick out a suit. However, that suit wasn’t made for you… or for ANYONE! Nothing wrong with purchasing a suit off the rack (OTR) unless you feel you are ready to hit the street as soon as the sales person has handed over your zipped up garment bag.

whoa stop sign


Too many well intentioned gentlemen I have worked with have made this unknowing mistake of thinking the journey to the perfect suit is over after point of sale. If you don’t go the custom route, to achieve Fit over Fad or Style over Trends —> TAILORING is key!

I don’t mean pant and sleeve shortening, that’s a given. I mean, taper the body (no one wants to look boxy), taper the sleeves (no man wants the blousy look), adjust the pant waist and pant leg so it fits YOU. Professional Wardrobe Planning guides you in your purchases so that your wardrobe, just like any good investment can get you the greatest return. #ROI

Fact is … most men already know the look they want.

For me it’s not simply about suggesting what’s trendy for men, rather it’s about creating a style that is as personal as your signature.

I bring years of  Wardrobe Planning experience to the table, and I know that takes the intimidation factor out of finding that perfect dress shirt and suit. Proper Wardrobe Planning is an investment in yourself. It becomes a vehicle through which YOU can now be in the drivers seat when it comes harnessing public perception and turning it into what YOU want it to be!

Fashionably Yours,

shonacursivelogo xo

Among many other program tools to enhance the wardrobe planning experience, the Shop Your Shape program was designed to help you understand body proportion and what garments will work the best for you.

Shona has a strong relationship with retailers and not only knows which clothing will work best with each client, but also where to find it. She offers a high end custom menswear clothing program to achieve the best fit. Enjoy maximum comfort and confidence in any situation, whether it’s for a professional environment or for a special event.

To find out more about how the SHOP WITH SHONA brand can create a unique, stylish and professional image, visit her website. You can also receive valuable tips and updates from her Facebook page.


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