Bomber jacket and boots.

Bomber style Aviator + Boots

It’s time for that dangerous and touchy subject that causes distress for many Canadians. Although we try to escape the chilly beginnings of fall, also known as the preview of winter, our closet is about do the ol’ switcharoo. Many prepare to hibernate and stay in but with all these new yet classic trends that are reintroducing themselves to the world of fashion, it is almost impossible not to ‘show them what you’re working with’.

A GO-TO piece for this fall/ winter is the leather aviator jacket. A jacket that adds a captivating effect with a touch of ‘cool’ flavour but how do you can frame that cool piece and move from basic to all around stylish?

Consider a classic look such as a simple sweater and good pair of dark denim, finish it off with the baddest pair of combat boots. Cuff those jeans or have them loosely tucked in at the mouth of the boot and the turning heads will become almost overwhelming.

aviator                         aviator1

Another way to work around this jacket would be what we like to call ‘the wealthy’ look. Really simple so listen up! Turtleneck, slim fitting trouser paired with a leather belt and matching Oxford shoes. Simple, right? If you’re more burly and that was a tad to posh for your taste replace the trousers with some tough denim and exchange those oxfords for bad-boy boots. Add a bit of style with a little detail by rolling or tucking the jeans in the rim of your boots.

aviator2       IMG_0252

This fall piece is a simple classic that has done justice for many sharp shooting men and has returned in all its glory to serve and add a dominating style to men everywhere.

Written by:

Featured Blogger:  Simone Lewis of Style Method

“A blogger who promotes personal creativity within others and encourage them to communicate their personal style method to the world.”  

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