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I always try to keep a tidy and organized closet, but every now and then it manages to get a little out of hand and needs a good purge. Some might call me a hoarder when it comes to my wardrobe. I have a really difficult time parting with some articles of clothing even though I am well aware that they have already run their course in my life. I always think that there will be that one day where I’m looking for that old t-shirt to create a specific look and I won’t have it. I feel like a lot of people have the same mentality as I do when it comes to cleaning your closet. The reality of the matter is, there’s no room for new stuff unless you get rid of some of the old stuff. After a while, some clothing starts to look very worn and loses it’s shape. If you don’t like how it looks anymore or if you know you’re not going to wear it, say sayonara! I usually hand my nicer pieces that are still in great condition down to the younger ladies in my life and the rest gets donated to charity. I NEVER toss anything in the garbage unless it is unwearable (ie. has holes in it, is ripped, or permanently stained).

My mother is the master organizer so I always have her handy to help me arrange my belongings in my closet. Having a purge buddy is a must because they will always give you that extra motivation to weed out the old. I moved from Windsor to Toronto not too long ago and this was a big adjustment for me merely because I had to downsize my closet going from a house to a condo. Although my condo closet is a walk through and quite spacious, I still have to get creative with storage. Here are some photos and easy tips on how to maximize your space:

TIP: keep sweaters and denim folded to save hanging space for blouses and blazers!

TIP: keep sweaters and denim folded to save hanging space for blouses and blazers!Here are some photos and tips on how to save space:

1) Fold all of your sweaters and jeans. This will leave vital hanging space for tops, blouses, skirts and blazers that shouldn’t be folded, preventing them from wrinkling and creasing.

Fold your sweater and leave the hangers for items that crease easily!

Fold your sweater and leave the hangers for items that crease easily!

2) Stagger your heels, put one foot in front of the other. This allows you to fit more pairs on each shelf. Don’t even bother taking up shelf space by laying out your flip flops/sandals; mine are all neatly organized in storage baskets.

3) Hooks!! Hooks are so crucial in freeing up drawer space. I have various hooks in my closet that hold my hats, long necklaces (prevent them from tangling), handbags, and robes.

HOOKS: major space saver!

HOOKS: major space saver!

4) Use clear trays for your jewelry. I used to keep my jewelry in the boxes and bags that they came in but I realized that it’s so inconvenient because you can’t see what you have and the boxes don’t always stack well. Clear plastic trays allow you to easily stack and see through to what’s below. If you don’t have drawer space for your jewelry, a tackle box will do the trick!

Improved visibility saves you time!

Improved visibility saves you time!

5) Use bins for storage. I have about 3 bins of summer clothing/shoes that I don’t wear during the fall/winter months – and vice versa. Rotating your wardrobe will really free up space. Store the bins under your bed or in another room.

Store your jewellery in clear trays for easy access and visibility!

Store your jewellery in clear trays for easy access and visibility!

6) Velvet hangers do the trick for no slip. I absolutely loathe when my tops slip off their hangers and end up on the floor or when I have 5 different styles of hangers going on in my closet – it makes it look very disorganized and messy. Velvet hangers keep my closet looking uniform and provide just enough grip.Now get in that closet and tidy it up! You’ll feel so much better in the morning when you’re picking out your outfit for the day.


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 Contributed by Jessica Coco of Five Six With Heels .
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