Our Fave Summer Accessories!

Party season is coming up whether it is a wedding, baby shower, birthdays, or anniversary. Tis the season to get all dolled up, and what other way to do it than with some amazing accessories. Statement pieces is the number a MUST have for this summer!! I am loving the pastel trend, and the mix & match shapes. Here is a look at a few of our fave summer accessories!


Photo from Daintyluxuries.com

Okay is this not the PERFECT! necklace to wear with a simple white dress. The colour is actually to die for it is so girly and sweet. This is perfect for that baby shower you are going too this summer!

Available at www.daintyluxuries.com $30 CAD


Photo from Daintyluxuries.com

Let’s just talk about the price first… $15 CAD? You can wear these to brunch in the afternoon, and transform them to a dancing outfit.  They are a very classic set of stone, but the colours is what makes theses earrings so fun. Don’t forget the price!

Available at http://www.daintyluxeries.com $15 CAD 


Photo from Loft.com

 Oy! Denim and pastel jewels together? This is kind of perfect for any occasion. With the jean detailing you honestly can wear this with ANYTHING! Dress up or down all around does not matter.   Even the mix and match colours! This is a MUST HAVE this summer for sure!

 Available at http://www.loft.com $50.81 CAD


Photo from Milyny.com

Enough about us… what about our iPhone? I mean at this point they are pretty much our best friends. I love finding new designers I cam across Millyny.com thru instagram. Let me tell you I fell in love! Obviously with everything, but this iPhone case really caught my eye. It is really on trend with the pastel colours,  and the shapes. This is a MUST HAVE for sure!

Available at Millyny.com $40 US


Head pieces have been a huge trend in the last couple of years. Trinkets and Treats makes the most FAB blinged out head pieces I have seen yet!


This is the perfect summer accessory! As well as a huge trend for festivals and wedding parties.


Every piece is hand crafted and can be customized for any special occasion. I think these are the perfect accessories for a wedding as a bride or a brides maid! Prices range from $39.99 to $69.99 CAD for custom pieces.  For orders: trinketsandtreatsjewellery@gmail.com

Come back next week for must have BAGS BAGS BAGS!

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