Luxurious. Luxe. Chic. Whimsical.



The beauty of the seasons isn’t just for nature! 

 Get inspired. 

Think SEASONAL CHIC  and let your Fashionista out to play – in the snow! 

There is an unstated fear when it comes to winter white  – it begs the questions:


HOW do I wear it?

CAN I wear it?

WHEN do I wear it?


The answers are simple and they come down to shape, fabric and balance.


The weight of the fabric makes it “wintery”  – look for cable knits, cashmere, merino wools, and remember: natural fibers when possible,so your skin stays warm but able to breathe!  


Shop for your shape. Always keep your best assets in the fore front 


Its the golden rule of style – keep it balanced. Volume on top means slim silhouettes on the bottom. Chunky sweater dresses and knitted scarves with sweaters add volume so balance it out with skinny jeans, leather leggings or maybe a short whimsy skirt with hose. 


To really get that luxurious look, keep things monochromatic – no bright pops of colour here – use accessories to help you layer: a great example are statement necklaces to add some sparkle or a chunky fashion scarf to add texture and fullness!!


Most importantly, have fun with your outfits! Just because it’s dreary and cold outside doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. 



For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style. 

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