Health is Wealth

Ask yourself…
Have you ever wished you could enjoy the luxurious health benefits of a wellness brand that’s actually good for you in more ways than one? Would you like to find a lifestyle brand that could be that one stop shop experience for you and your family? Wouldn’t you enjoy the trusted benefits of a pure, safe and beneficial wellness line??
Ask and you shall receive; health, wealth and the assurance of purity. This holiday season reset your health goals for the new year. Recalibrate your lifestyle measures and try something new that you will fall in love with. 
Experience the difference. Experience the lifestyle. Experience Arbonne.
This holiday season, Shop With Shona is partnering with Arbonne International to present: A Holiday Fitness, Fashion and Beauty Blitz! 
For details and to RSVP, email: 
For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style. 
SHOP WITH SHONA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn @shopwithshona

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