Health is Wealth

Ask yourself…
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Shop Your Closet

We all know that one girl that looks so effortlessly chic, so put together and stylish – it inspires you but for a moment… and then reality sets in that your closet doesnt exactly inspire you.

Now you’ve got a closet full of clothes, with nothing to wear. You are left asking yourself how this is possible?! We’ve all been there, am I right?! 


You need to feel that excitement again…inspired by your wardrobe…to use fashion and your personal style as a vehicle to express your mood, your lifestyle, your individuality! 


This holiday season, why not use a style expert to do a closet organization for you? You could start by shopping right in your own closet! The inspirations you need may be right at your fingertips… you might just need a hand in creating some wardrobe creativity. A closet organization service might even be a good gift idea for family members, spouse, or friends. 

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Aspire to inspire yourself and others with your signature style this holiday season.


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The little black dress


The little black dress, also infamously known as the LBD. It is without a doubt a staple piece in your closet and most definitely one of the top 10 wardrobe essentials in any woman’s collection.

So why black you may ask?? It’s not for any other reason than that black is chic, timeless and sexy. Done in a high quality fabric, (or not). The reason I say that, and it’s not that any of us want to purchase a low quality item but sometimes you just can’t justify the price tag for the silk or cashmere.

“If your budget does not allow for all high quality pieces, scrimp on the darks. Workmanship is much more noticeable on light coloured fabrics; inexpensive light coloured pieces will always look cheaper than inexpensive dark ones” – INSTYLE, Secrets of Style  
The single most important feature when buying your LBD is the fit – do not compromise – if you have fallen head over heels for a LBD and it’s just not quite there – enlist the help of a good tailor.
A good tailor can:
Adjust hemlines,
Remove sleeves,
Adjust armholes,
Alter the neckline,
Remove pleats…
Obviously these alterations come at a cost so avoiding them is best but a nip or tuck for the perfect fit can be priceless!
Different ways to wear your LBD
– pearls, diamonds, gold, silver… whatever your choice of sparkle is, keep it minimal and sophistcated
– pumps
– your most classic favourite watch
– ankle booties
– oversized jewellery
– metalic deatails on your clutch
– leather jacket for a hint of rocker sexy
– armful of bangles
– blazer
– stud earrings
– full length boots or pumps depending on the waether
– opaque hose
– depending on the neckline, if it is a sheath style dress, a crisp white collared shirt underneath is always very profesional and clean even sans blazer
– add colour
– pashmina, silk scarf, fur wrap
– coloured platform pumps or strappy and sexy heels
– trendy fun bangles earrings OR statement necklace and a cocktail ring!

 Be creative, there’s no knowing where your LBD might take you. It is simple to take this outfit from day to night just by swapping out the jewellery and outerwear selection. Remember, the most important aspect of fashion is that there are no limits. You are the one that will define that LBD, so make yourself proud and rock it out!

For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style

Really Rock Your Denim

It’s a wardrobe staple…a fashion essential.
It’s classic, stylish and comfortable (yes, comfortable). I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is ‘yes’, you can have it all in a single pair. The trick is knowing where to go, what to look for and who to ask for help.
Wrong size.
Saggy bottom syndrome.
Too tight in the thighs.
Bagging at the knees.
Loose in the waist.
Those are only some of the things that could go wrong with your denim – working in the industry, i’ve heard it all.
Take a look at a few non-negotiables one needs to remember when shopping for a new pair of denim:
Fit, Look, Budget
It’s simple, yes, so don’t compromise on these three OR on the order. I’m serious!
1. Do not compromise on the FIT!
If it is too long, it is very simple to alter, however it is tougher to achieve the right fit when it comes to your waist, hips and thighs. Always prioritize fit in these areas.
2. There are so many brands out there with  premium quality.
You don’t have to compromise on the look either, whether you want faded, dark, light, distressed, etc… Keep the look in mind and stay true to that! For example: If you want a vintage look there are many textures that can help you achieve it, it’s not just one colour or fabric that will work. If you find this part a challenge I would suggest recruiting the help of a style expert or a personal shopper. They can help you with achieving the look you want without all the hassle of searching for the pieces yourself!
3. Here is the scary part: How much will this cost me??
Ok this is obviously a personal decision, but, with the exception of designer jeans (where you paying for the label) you get what you pay for with premium denim. A good stylist, or personal shopper will help you find the best value for your money. It is the easiest way to help you find the right fit for your shape, the right look for your style and it can all be within your budget.
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For the LOVE of fashion, wardrobing and style